We have some great products, but don’t take our word for it! Below, read what actual customers are saying about our products, all taken from reviews on Amazon, real testimonials from real customers.

  • After quite some time shopping for crossfit jump ropes, I finally bought yours. Well actually, I bought a much more expensive one first, and ended up returning it, and then bought yours which is perfect. And the price was way less than the one I ended up returning. Thanks!

    Tuan K-- Brooklyn NYC
  • The wrist wraps I grabbed form you the other day did the trick. I put them on when I’m almost finished benching and I can get three or four more reps out before I’m out of gas.

    David B-- Altamonte Springs, FL
  • Guys, your abdominal trainer has got me shredded, I have a raging six pack now.

    Jerome M-- San Diego, CA
  • I gave your massager roller thing to my son as a birthday present, as he recently got into crossfit. He loves it, and uses it all the time! He showed me how it works, and I tried it too and then now I went and ordered one for myself and it’s not even my birthday 🙂

    Karen F-- Tempe, AZ