Massaging Roller, Green

Massaging Roller, Green


Heavy duty lime green massager measures 13 inches by 5 1/2, a great size for your neck back and legs.

Reduces pain and inflammation by increasing blood flow to massaged areas

Ideal for stretching tired muscles and soft tissue, reducing pain and sore muscles

Dual zones, bumps, and grooves feels amazing and deliver maximum results



  1. Diamond

    Best foam roller ive had in a while! The little knobs on dotted all over gives it like an extra deep tissue massage! My plain one doesnt feel the same

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This high density foam roller is build to last, and the foam is guaranteed not to lose firmness over time. Great for rolling out your IT bands, sore muscles, back and neck. Relieves pressure from overworked areas, tight muscles, and helps myofascial release.

The bumps on the cylinder work like a therapist’s knuckles to relieve tension and provide you with soothing deep tissue massage. Increases blood flow to injured muscles, speeding up recovery