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14″ Wrist Wraps


Crossfit Wrist Wraps – 14” Terry Band with Thumb Loops, High Quality Velcro For Outstanding Wrist Protection During Serious Lifting, Pair of Two


Avoid pain while performing clean and jerks, shoulder shrugs, using barbells, bench presses, or while using kettle bells. Stabilize and stiffen your wrists, so you don’t get fatigued and so you protect yourself from injury. Our premium wrist wraps are simple to use. First, you hook the loop over your thumb, and then wrap your wrist in our terry wrap. When you’ve finished, the Velcro fastener locks the wrap in place, creating a stiff collar around your wrist that keeps heavy weights from repeatedly overextending your wrists. Our straps measure 14 inches long and 3.125 inches wide, exclusive of the Velcro strap. If you’ve already experienced wrist pain, you understand just how bad you need these. If you haven’t yet, you will – just as soon as you hit the magic weight.

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Supporting you wrist allows you to achieve higher levels of weight lifting, not only from a reduction in wrist pain, but in injury prevention, and more importantly, increasing your confidence levels around trying to lift a certain amount. Most customers see an immediate spike in the amount of weight they feel confident in lifting, and see a reduction in wrist pain and wrist fatigue. These same customers say they felt more confident to try a few more pounds and a few more reps, because they weren’t worried about how their wrists would feel if they did

This 14” size is perfect for Crossfitters and Olympic lifters, and allow you to work out until your targeted muscled group is exhausted –not your wrists. When you can get the targeted muscle groups to exhaustion, you get a more complete workout. When you get that workout to the point it needs to be at, you see explosive results. These wrist wraps are perfectly suited to that task, and feel great to wear. The soft terry cotton makes a stiff collar for your wrist, without cutting off circulation. Our sturdy Velcro strap won’t pop off during lifts, and the thumb loop prevents them from just spinning round and round while you try to put them on.